Though not quite as tough as giving birth usually is, naming your baby is an important task and one which can have life-long implications. Therefore, you have to make sure you explore all avenues when it comes to finding the perfect name for your baby. Below are five new ways to find baby names.

Don’t Fall Far from Your Family Tree

While naming a baby after a beloved grandparent, uncle or aunt is not a new idea, going deeper into the past for a long forgotten name is. If you are having a difficult time coming up with possible names, explore your family tree and find, perhaps, your first ancestor that made it to America from the old land or who fought in WWI. Giving your baby a name with a bit of weight from history can give him a certain cache that does not come from being named after, say, a sparkly vampire with dreamy eyes.

Location, Location, Location

The names of locations make great names for people. After all, most of us have known real or fictional people named London, Montana, Dakota, Hudson, or Phoenix. What places are important to you and your partner? Maybe those locations will likewise make great names.

Great Books

Great literature is chock-a-block with greatly interesting names. If you are already a reader, you ought to have a few favorite names you may like to give your child. However, if you are still undecided and want to stretch the envelope, read some older literature or literature from other lands, such as Ireland or Greece, and find some wonderfully cool monikers for your lil lads and lasses.  

Be Bold

While there are plenty of reasons to name a child John or Julia, you should at least consider going a more untravelled road if your child’s surname will be a common one. After all, how many John Smiths or Julia Roberts does the planet need?

Making a List and Checking it Twice

A great way to gather a huge number of names in this smartphone-connected world is to email or text every interesting name you hear, read, meet, or think about to your partner and then each weekend compile them all into a list to review together.