Luvable Friends Fancy Hooded Bath Wrap - Blue Puppy
Baby Vision Hooded Towel Wash Cloths

Luvable Friends Fancy Hooded Bath Wrap - Blue Puppy

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Hooded Towel Wash Cloths
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Extra Field 2: Baby & Toddler
Luvable Friends hooded towels are perfect for after a warm bath! The hooded design keeps baby warm, while the oversized 30 x 36 inch towel allows for easy drying! Made of 100% Cotton, these towels are soft and gentle on baby's skin, but durable and machine washable for everyday use! These towels are a solid color with a patterned edging and adorable embroidered character on the hood. A 100% cotton washcloth is delightfully placed within the character to offer a cute 3-D effect.

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