Medela Portable Vehicle Adaptor 9v for Breastpump

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100% compatible with original Medela 9 volt vehicle breast pump lighter adaptor. Convenient alternative power option using a vehicle power outlet for use with Pump in Style Advanced breast pumps (manufactured January 2008 and after). How to know if this Car Adapter is compatible with your Pump In Style Breast pump: Look at the front of your breast pump (the face plate). Find the place where you plug the power cord into the breast pump. check where you plug in the adapter to see if you need a 9V or 12V power adapter. Or, look for your wall changer on the back of the power cord that came with your breast pump (Output:9v). 
This adapter Can be used with most cars, may not work with all vehicle lighter outlets refer to your vehicle owner's manual to check compatibility with your vehicle lighter. DO NOT USE IT WITH TRUCK OR BOAT, which have larger input voltage,and may damage the pump. 

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