Munchkin No Tip Toddler Cup 6 ounce

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No Tip Toddler Cup 6 ounce
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After listening to your little one beg to drink from a cup "just like Mommy" you give in and hand her an open cup. But there’s a catch. Little hands are eager to learn but oh so unsteady– meaning you’ll spend half of the meal wiping up spilled milk! What’s a Mom to do? Train your little lad or lass to drink like a big kid without worrying about spills. The weighted base of Munchkin’s new No Tip™ Cup keeps this cup upright even when little elbows knock it to and fro. The grip is perfectly sized for little hands, too. Fewer spills at the table means you can spend less time on clean up duty and still give your kiddo the confidence to drink from a big kid cup. It’s a win-win!

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