Nanobebe 3 Pack Bottle 5 Ounce, Slow Flow, Gray

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3 Pack Bottle 5 Ounce, Slow Flow, Gray
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Nanobebe is the first feeding bottle specifically designed to protect precious breastmilk nutrients which are so essential to baby's health. Its patented geometry improves the entire process of bottle feeding expressed breastmilk. From pumping, storing, warming to feeding, it protects the milk, preserves its nutritional value and gives your baby an experience second only to direct breastfeeding. Because of its increased surface area, the milk is spread into a thin layer, allowing it to cool quickly (reducing bacterial growth) and warm quickly (at safe temperatures), so you can promptly feed your hungry baby without exposing breast milk to nutrient-damaging temperatures. In fact, the NanoBebe bottle warms up 2-3 times faster than standard bottles. The included breast-pump adaptor means you can express breastmilk directly into the bottle, and then store it in the freezer or fridge. The bottles are stackable which helps track pumping order and saves storage space. Finally, Nanobebe familiar shape encourages smooth and instinctual transition from breast to bottle and allows your baby to hold it and self-feed from a much.

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