Nuby Double Pocket Quilted Harness Backpack Lime-Blue

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Harness Backpack Lime-Blue
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The Safety Harness of this Baby Backpack Helps Keep Your Child Safe and Close by While Shopping, Walking, and Traveling in Crowded Places. Girl backpack with compartment, child wrist strap and safety harness are all included. The Comfortable and Adjustable Straps on this Child Harness Allows for Easy Use for Growing Toddlers One Size Fits Most Kids From 1-5 Years Old and Adjusts as They Grow This Baby Backpack Comes in Attractive and Fun Designs that Your Child would Love to Wear and is Machine Washable. The Detachable Leash allows The Product to Double as Just a Backpack When you return to a Safe Location Shop Happily knowing we Strongly Stand Behind this Safety Harness. If this Product Does Not Satisfy Your Needs, Just Let us Know so we Can Fix It

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