Nuby Player Pal Plush Doll Spanish
Nuby Player Pal Plush Doll Spanish

Nuby Player Pal Plush Doll Spanish

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Player Pal Plush Doll Spanish
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Soft, cuddly characters, squeeze their belly to hear a timeless bedtime prayer. Variety of lovable child and animal characters. These soft and adorable plush characters by Nuby. Hugging (or squeezing their tummy) makes each character recites a timeless bedtime prayer. These cuddly characters are perfect first companions for your precious little one. Soft cuddly plush, recites classic prayer in spanish when squeezed santo angel de mi guarda mi dulce compañía no me desampares ni de noche ni de dia, con dios me acuesto, con dios me levanto, con la gracia y favor del espíritu santo. Characters vary; you will receive one of the following characters pink pajama girl, blue pajama boy, angel girl, angel boy.

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