Nuby Silicone Pacifier 2 Pack, 0-6 Months Cherry Baglet

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Pacifier 2 Pack, 0-6 Months Cherry Baglet
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The natural FLEX™ pacifier, with its soft, textured natural shaped baglet, is designed to feel more like mom. The natural FLEX™ baglet simulates the natural flexing movement of mother’s nipple while baby feeds. The nubs along the nipple collar help soothe baby’s tender gums and the gentle curving away from baby’s face allow for better airflow between baby’s delicate skin and pacifier. Place open clip over clothing, slide ring over end of clip to fasten Pacifinder™ to clothing. To release, loosen ring from end of clip. Our Pacifinder™ pacifier clip is a practical solution to the problem of lost or dropped pacifiers. The Pacifinder™ pacifier clip ensures baby’s pacifier will always be within easy reach. 6-12 months Medium 2 pack + Pacifinder™ NaturalFlex™ pacifier stretches and flexes like Mom No more lost or dropped pacifiers Pacifier helps calm fussy baby Classic cherry silicone baglet Advanced air system reduces skin irritation BPA Free

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