Expecting parents often worry a lot about how they will furnish their baby’s room. They should make sure that the furniture they get will keep their infant comfortable and safe. However, they may not always understand what is necessary for their child’s needs and their own.

Without some proper guidance, parents can overspend on nonessential items. Worse, they may not have enough left over for genuinely important fixtures. Here are some tips on picking the right baby furniture, including what these rooms absolutely need and what can be skipped if needed.

Advice for Making Wise Choices

  • Stick to a Budget

Preparing for a new bundle of joy can cost a bundle, and furniture may represent the most expensive single items on your list. Although you need to get them for your nursery, you must set aside enough to afford everything else.

Creating a budget can help you figure out how much to spend on everything for your child’s arrival. As you begin planning, be realistic about your financial status and your options. After you finish making a budget, hold yourself to it. Without that discipline, you could impair your ability to provide for your family.

  • Keep Floor Space in Mind

Aside from money, parents also need to consider and conserve floor space. There is only so much room in that nursery. You should be able to fit at least the most important pieces of furniture in there. You should also give yourself enough room to move around as needed.

Before you begin shopping, measure the dimensions of the nursery and visualize your dream layout. Keep that information in mind as you look at beds, dressers, and other individual items. If you avoid getting anything too big, then you should be golden.

  • Choose a Decoration Style

Aesthetics do not need to be a priority for people with tight budgets. With that said, a child’s bedroom can feel more soothing and homier with the right decorations. Plus, items in the same style may be available as matching sets at discounted prices.

Brainstorm a bedroom theme with your partner, then look for furniture that matches the aesthetic and tone. If it helps, place images of different pieces side by side so you can compare. The paint on the walls and any decorations you may have are other factors to consider.

  • See the Furniture for Yourself

Shopping for furniture online can give parents more options and offer more economical prices. With that said, people may be wary of buying something based solely on a picture. No one wants to spend money and wait for a delivery, only to be disappointed.

If you can find the same piece of furniture in a brick-and-mortar store, feel free to check it out. See whether it meets your expectations for appearance, material, weight, and more. Then you can feel much better about buying it online.

Baby Furniture Essentials

  • A Bed

No single piece of baby furniture is more important than the bed. You can be cheap about everything else, but your infant needs a comfortable and safe place to sleep. Whether you select a crib or a cradle, it must be brand-new — anything less could be dangerous. Speaking of safe nursery practices: the mattress should be firm, the bedding should be light, and the mattress should not leave any gaps.

  • A Dresser

Between making messes and changing in size, babies go through a lot of clothes in their first few months. They may even need a few changes in outfit within a single day. Dressers give parents a place to keep everything. Putting it in the nursery means these clothes are ready to go at a moment’s notice. When your infant has an accident overnight, you will be glad it is there.

  • A Changing Table

On that note, a changing table would also be a most welcome addition to the nursery. This type of furniture offers solid construction and space for a changing pad, ensuring maximal comfort for your infant. Cleaning bottoms and swapping diapers is much cleaner and safer on a changing table than on a regular table or over your knees.

  • A Glider or Rocker

When bedtime rolls around, parents can help restless infants nod off with some smooth and soothing motion. The right seat can assist in this effort. Rocking chairs are the classic choice, gently shifting back and forth. If you are concerned about the rocker’s legs stepping on the baby’s toes, a glider may be preferable. Their movement can be even smoother.

Optional Furniture for the Bedroom

  • Shelving Units

Parents do not exactly require any baby furniture other than the four pieces mentioned above. Still, if they prefer to keep more baby stuff in the room, they will need furniture to hold all of it. Setting up a few shelves can be great for holding toys, books, pacifiers, and more. Just make sure they are out of the child’s reach so nothing can fall on them.

  • Decorative Pillows

Babies care little for how their bed looks, so long as they can sleep soundly on it. For parents who care, though, adding some decorative pillows can make it look cuter or even fancier. With that said, they can only be decorative. Placing babies on or near pillows puts them at risk of suffocation. Keep them well away from where the child sleeps and it should be fine.

  • Crib Nets

Insects can be pesky for people of all ages, and no caring parent wants to see a bug bothering their baby. Hoisting a mosquito net over a crib can keep them away while the infant sleeps in safety. They can especially come in handy for homes in hotter locales and during tough summer nights.

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