Simmons Kids Silent Auto Gliding Elite Bassinet Basketweave

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Bassinet Basketweave
Part Number: DE701405-2113
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Lull your baby to sleep with the relaxing, automatic gliding movement of the Silent Auto Gliding Elite Bassinet from Simmons Kids. With a push of a button, the bassinet’s whisper-quiet gliding motion is activated, and the smooth sway of the bassinet will help your newborn drift to sleep peacefully. Outfitted with other electronic features that’ll help your little one power down, this bassinet for baby comes outfitted with a control panel at the front that plays calming music and features a soft-glowing nightlight. Captivating bears hang from the top of the canopy to engage Baby’s visual senses, and keep them entertained if they happen to wake before you. The bedside sleeper of your dreams, the Silent Auto Gliding Elite Bassinet from Simmons Kids has so many ways to soothe and comfort your little one during their first few months, helping both Baby and parent get a good night’s rest. SIZE: Assembled dimensions (in inches): 21 (width) by 46.5 (height) by 32 (depth) PRODUCT WEIGHT (in pounds): 14.5 SHIPPING DIMENSIONS (in inches): 5.9 (width) by 19.49 (height) by 35.04 (depth) SHIPPING WEIGHT (in inches): 16.3

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