Tiny Love Boho Chic 2-in-1 Tale Along Deluxe Bassinet
Tiny Love Boho Chic 2-in-1 Tale Along Deluxe Bassinet

Tiny Love Boho Chic 2-in-1 Tale Along Deluxe Bassinet

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The 2-in-1 Take Along Deluxe Bassinet, a classic bassinet and tummy time mat in one, was designed to support your baby’s development in a beautiful and soothing environment for play and sleep. The earthy Boho Chic design, with its natural colors, cute characters and clever features, nurtures your baby’s innate desire to explore safely and securely. The Bassinet’s two modes and unique Boho Chic design help moderate baby’s environment to make sure he feels comfortable and safe. When your little one seems alert and ready for exploration, it’s a good time for some tummy time practice on the stand-alone mat. When your baby looks tired or has had enough stimulation, the bassinet offers a cozy and cradling environment that neutralizes sights and sounds and helps your little one fall asleep. The Boho Chic Luxe Bassinet’s subtle colors and sweet sounding mobile will engage baby’s senses from the very first days. The unique, soothing Boho design combined with the bassinet’s large canopy can help ensure that your baby is enjoying just the right amount of stimulation. Practicing tummy time isn’t easy for young babies, but the detachable Tummy Time Mobile has been designed with the aim of helping little ones tackle the challenge. Take the removable mat out of the bassinet and place it on the carpet or floor. Put your little in the tummy time position and set the engaging Tummy Time Mobile in front of them. The movement and sound will amuse and intrigue your little one, helping them stay on their tummies a little longer. Playing gives babies an excellent opportunity to understand the idea of cause and effect. Let your growing baby enjoy playing with the Tummy Time Mobile in tapping mode. Your little one will gradually learn to tap the mobile and cause the audio and visual feedback, encouraging the understanding of cause and effect.

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