Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales™ Sunny Stroll

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Tiny Princess Tales™ Sunny Stroll
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The Tiny Love Princess Tale Arch is developmental fun for baby on the stroll. Easily attaches to most strollers and baby carriers. With two stages of development it will be sure to engage baby. The Tiny Love Princess Tale Arch features. Flexible arch with angle adjustment. Flexible arche allows baby to easily reach, pull and bat at the toys. 6 uniquely designed fun and engaging activities that inspire natural learning on the go while promoting fine motor skills and cognition - and all right at baby’s fingertips! Designed for two stages of baby’s essential development. For the first 5 months, baby bats at the toys, boosting sensory exploration; at 5+ months, baby begins pulling and holding, exploring the arch in a more sophisticated way. Universal attachnment clips fit most stollers and flexible arch bends forwards, backwards, up and down, adjusting the toy according to baby's age and playing preferences. Part of the Tiny Princess Tales™ Collection. Development has never looked so adorable.

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